Thursday, June 26, 2008


A cosy for a bike stand to cushion any bikes that may errr.. stand. An organic merino cosy no less. Only the best for my bike stands.

Cuba Mall, Wellington, NZ.

P.S. Your purple tree cosy is still going strong Knitsch. And Civic Square still sports a cosied tree too.

For Aunty Helen

Trying to bring a bit more culture down to the suited end of town.

In the middle of the start of Mulgrave St, right outside the Beehive, Wellington NZ.

It actually says 'OUTDOORKNIT' but I didn't quite think it through. Amateur mistake.
Look at the suits go!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oriental Bay has some new decoration to add to its charm...

It's been a great weekend. We got our first press! And i went on a bombing binge in the name of world wide knit in public day. The more i look, the more i see, and the more i love this city. There's also plenty of inspiration through other knit graffiti-ers around the world...i aim to slowly put links to their blogs up on here during the week. 

PS - thanks to a special boy who is very knit patient and takes all my (Knitsch's) photos. He makes everything look better.
Still going strong! Well, the rain seems to have got it down. But it's still there. Quite a lot has changed around it though, as below. i'm loving this alleyway (by knit world in Left Bank, Cuba Mall), it reminds me so much of Degraves street in Melbourne - an ever changing corner for amazing graffiti. 
There was also a GREAT article about a dedicated graffiti house in Auckland on Close Up on Friday night. See it here (click on the 'graffiti house' link) Everything the owner of the house believes in ring true with my own ideas. Graffiti is art. Tagging is not. There is a vital difference that i think should be recognised by City Councils. That's my view anyway - what does everyone else think?

More Cuba street goodness. I had to go back the next morning to photograph them as the light was so lame - but they seem to have survived a busy post-rugby saturday night...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knit in public, please

It's World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday, 14 June. I'd completely forgotten about it, to be honest - woops! Seeing as i'm unofficially hosting one, here's the dealio:

See the website to find a place near you...I'll be knitting and hopefully tagging from 2pm near the bucket fountain in Cuba Mall, Wellington. If it's wet, i'll post on here first thing in the AM to give an alternative venue.

Plus a little something to work towards - anyone keen to collaborate?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Knitting is sweet

It's sickly colours and has terribly seaming (as usual) but this tree in Civic Square is now sporting the sweetest of cosies.

Wonder how long this one will stick around... I have a feeling I am trying to make too big a statement.

Civic Square, Wellington