Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knit in public, please

It's World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday, 14 June. I'd completely forgotten about it, to be honest - woops! Seeing as i'm unofficially hosting one, here's the dealio:

See the website to find a place near you...I'll be knitting and hopefully tagging from 2pm near the bucket fountain in Cuba Mall, Wellington. If it's wet, i'll post on here first thing in the AM to give an alternative venue.

Plus a little something to work towards - anyone keen to collaborate?


stiX said...

Luuuurve the lace.

Helen said...

Ah! Which unfinished project should I dig out? hmmmm, so many to choose from ;)
Wont make it to Welli, but will get out the needles, have fun! xx

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm in Wellington and would love to be there. I'll keep my eye out.

Anonymous said...

WOT ?!?!
I had no idea....guess I've still got some hours left in the day...-knitgirl

stephen said...

The lace-wrapped tree is BEAUTIFUL!