Thursday, July 30, 2009

Join the fence decorating movement!

I've gone all geeky since we got a facebook page and have actual FANS (!!11!1!!!!) so I've made a facebook event for this fence business. But for those who have not been sucked in by bookface then here's the details for getting involved in my army of fence weavers:

Fence-ational Crafitivism

Next Sunday (August 9th) I am going to be at the fence on the corner of Vivian and Bute St in Wellington, featured in this blog post, and I would like anyone (EVERYONE!) to join me in weaving hearts of all sorts of colours into the fence, all the way along the Vivian St side of the fence.

Why? I dunno. It's pretty.

But also because in a happy clappy way, I want people to smile.

And the fence is ugly.

And it seems to be going nowhere.

So this is an attempt to make something awesome out of something that is a big fat waste of land at the moment.

When? Next Sunday (August 9th) from 1pm

Who? Me (stiX)... and apparently 10 others if we are to take facebook RSVPs seriously. I don't... I reply to stuff all the time that I know I'm never going to actually attend! But, if you team 1/2 of the facebook replies with all the people I recruited on the bus this morning (Seriously. It was awesome.) then I think 10 is maybe actually slightly truthful... hopefully heaps more though!

Oh yeah, you totally don't need to know how to knit. And I'll supply the yarn. All you need is fingers. And I'm not discriminating against those that are fingerless... it just might make it a tad difficult ya know?

Email me if you want more details:

P.S. If it's raining then I'm totally piking. By the way. But cold/wind - still totally there. I am a Wellingtonian after all.

Shite. Put the wrong date at the top. It's next SUNDAY! Definitely Sunday!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tube stike 2.0

Just couldn't resist - the opportunity presented itself again. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tube Strike

Another goal checked off the london list - a tag on a tube carriage. The Bakerloo line, to be specific.

A bit rushed, simple and probably quickly gone. Quite appropriate, really.

(note: I may have been a little drunk, and my camera battery had no juice left, hence crappy photo)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bute St gets some love

The fence art begins

And continues...

And continues...

Until finally... some love!

More fence art to come, I'm thinking. Because that is one hell of an ugly fence.
The Council seems to have made a lot of changes, torn down a lot of buildings, built a gazillion new roads, but completing the projects is taking forever and we are left with quite a few wastelands.

The latest I hear with the area they flattened for the park by the Basin Reserve is that it isn't going ahead due to a funding cut. What are they going to do with the barren land and wire fence?

I suppose I should be grateful that they give us no end of issues to make fence art commentary on. :/

OutdoorKnit does Craft2.0

This Saturday the 25th of July, at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt, I will be running a knitting circle as part of the ever fabulous craft fair - Craft2.0

So come along to learn to knit, contribute to a graffiti knitting project, or pass on your knitting experience to others... and then venture out into the throngs of people to peruse some fabulous craftiness. You are welcome back into the oasis of calm of the knitting circle afterward to gather your wits about you again so you can return home with plenty of excuses of how that gorgeous little brooch/tshirt/bag/print ended up in your hot little hands.

So from 10am - 3pm at Craft2.0 this weekend, see ya there!

And thank you so much to Sue "make it happen" Tyler. You rock my lady!

P.S. A boring fence got a little yarny action yesterday and may get some more tomorrow night. I'll let ya know

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

more Magda

and you should go listen to her here on NZ's very own Nine - Noon 

Magda Sayeg rocks the knitty world

We think you should go check out Knit, Nicole, Knit, and the video she has posted of an interview with our goddess, Magda Sayeg.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spreading the word

The graffiti knit kids are branching out!

I've got some work in the pipelines for a workshop (watch this space), an exhibition (also watch this space!), a photo essay in the newspaper, and hopefully a knitting class at the local high school (errr... space will be watched?).

My apologies that it isn't more concrete. You'll be the first to know when it is of course ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I found the most inspirational site ever for the high school graffiti knit stuff - Identity School

I'm thinking my preferred option might be a little less structured; the class will be more of a space/time in which teens can express themselves... talk about love, lives, and struggles... cross social divides... and pick up a few useful skills at the same time.

Am I kidding myself?

We'll see.

WIP - part 2

The Socktopus project continues...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It will all be ok

not sure if you'll be able to read the text...(to see the whole picture, click on it)

So perhaps an appropriate time to announce - i'm heading back to wellington. Tough decision, but plenty to be excited about at home right now. Including projects galore.

Just remember: It will all be ok.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I've been helping out on weekends at Socktopus, located not far from Chelsea football ground in Fulham. The grill on the window is perfect for some tagging...and so it has begun - a work in progress...