Monday, July 20, 2009

OutdoorKnit does Craft2.0

This Saturday the 25th of July, at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt, I will be running a knitting circle as part of the ever fabulous craft fair - Craft2.0

So come along to learn to knit, contribute to a graffiti knitting project, or pass on your knitting experience to others... and then venture out into the throngs of people to peruse some fabulous craftiness. You are welcome back into the oasis of calm of the knitting circle afterward to gather your wits about you again so you can return home with plenty of excuses of how that gorgeous little brooch/tshirt/bag/print ended up in your hot little hands.

So from 10am - 3pm at Craft2.0 this weekend, see ya there!

And thank you so much to Sue "make it happen" Tyler. You rock my lady!

P.S. A boring fence got a little yarny action yesterday and may get some more tomorrow night. I'll let ya know

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Liz said...

oh wish i could be there.