Saturday, July 19, 2008

So, Craft2.0 was the best fun ever. My large 'arty' tag wasn't quite the right size for any of the poles around so i made do with these two. Along with loads of tiny swatches that got put in goodie bags and handed out to stall holders...

Welcome to anyone who is visiting for the first i've mentioned before, we're always hanging out for company! Send us an email if you're keen to tag along! (oh terrible pun, sorry)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Southern Cross hit in spate of knit graffiti

The Southern Cross fell victim to the newest form of vandalism to hit Wellington City. Police are unperturbed as they feel confident the knit tagger will slip up soon, revealing his or her identity.

When the staff of the Southern Cross were questioned they showed vague disinterest, "Oh yeah, we saw it after we had a couple of people in for coffee. They looked exhausted. I think they may have been hung over.... I never suspected that those two would be associated with criminal activity" said Sheryl. She also remarked that it took a whole 20 seconds to remove the tag. 20 seconds that she would never get back - such is the heinous effect of this graffiti.

I think this goes to show that no cafe is safe.

It's raining, it's pouring

Yet we tagged on.

Meet the newest member of the team. As yet, unnamed. We are thinking 'Crotchetter'

Meanwhile... I tagged another bike stand.

Island Bay has never been so cosy. Tags basking in the glow of the Empire Cinema. Fab hot chocolates.

Wellington, NZ

I forgot to mention that this tag was a tribute to Crochetter/The Hooker's (name TBC) nana. She writes a fabulous post on a very inspiring woman over here and sort of sums up some of the reasons behind our motivation to create knit graffiti.

What better to do than sit and knit and watch the world go by? A lovely old lady came by with the comment 'no idle hands for you, my dear!' so i told her what i was actually doing...and she thought it was brilliant. 

A kid on their bike scooted past and asked, 'What are you doing?' 'Making sure the pole stays warm' I said. 

This is on my normal running route if i'm feeling energetic. Hopefully having it there will motivate me to actually go for a run...
I decided stiX's tree cosy in Civic Square needed some company, and i was inspired by the curves on this bench seat. For once my seaming was pretty enough to get in the photo...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A couple of quick linky things...

an interesting article about graffiti

and a must-watch story (tis the top video) about a graffiti house in Auckland. Anyone willing to give up their home for one similar in Welly? Perhaps we could adorn it with yarn. mmmm yarn.

We've also had some publicity (which we always love, don't we stiX?)
Officially famous on the Wellingtonista (bah humbug to the naysayers, i say. What is up with people who comment on popular blogs and never have anything nice to say! Get over yerselves, people) and the Craft2.0 blog, and also here (thanks Strong-Light!)

Also to look out for - Craft2.0 is coming up in the dirty old hutt (i grew up there so i can say whatever i want! and the New Dowse certainly isn't dirty and old. We love you, Dowse) and i suggest everyone go there. it really is fantastic. A little birdy tells me a tv crew may even be in attendance...ooooer!

And yes, there will be more tagging soon. Watch this space!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Please excuse the lack of definition in this pic, and the colours aren't quite right...this is now cosying up to a chair lift bar on Turoa ski field. My fingers almost fell off in the process...