Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring

Yet we tagged on.

Meet the newest member of the team. As yet, unnamed. We are thinking 'Crotchetter'

Meanwhile... I tagged another bike stand.

Island Bay has never been so cosy. Tags basking in the glow of the Empire Cinema. Fab hot chocolates.

Wellington, NZ

I forgot to mention that this tag was a tribute to Crochetter/The Hooker's (name TBC) nana. She writes a fabulous post on a very inspiring woman over here and sort of sums up some of the reasons behind our motivation to create knit graffiti.


knitsch said...

or the hooker? haha how classic, we're both posting at EXACTLY the same time. Great minds, and all that...

stiX said...

hehe I was just about to email you to say the same thing! :)