Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A couple of quick linky things...

an interesting article about graffiti

and a must-watch story (tis the top video) about a graffiti house in Auckland. Anyone willing to give up their home for one similar in Welly? Perhaps we could adorn it with yarn. mmmm yarn.

We've also had some publicity (which we always love, don't we stiX?)
Officially famous on the Wellingtonista (bah humbug to the naysayers, i say. What is up with people who comment on popular blogs and never have anything nice to say! Get over yerselves, people) and the Craft2.0 blog, and also here (thanks Strong-Light!)

Also to look out for - Craft2.0 is coming up in the dirty old hutt (i grew up there so i can say whatever i want! and the New Dowse certainly isn't dirty and old. We love you, Dowse) and i suggest everyone go there. it really is fantastic. A little birdy tells me a tv crew may even be in attendance...ooooer!

And yes, there will be more tagging soon. Watch this space!

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stiX said...

That we do. That we do.

Stick it to the Wellingtonista commenters :P