Thursday, July 30, 2009

Join the fence decorating movement!

I've gone all geeky since we got a facebook page and have actual FANS (!!11!1!!!!) so I've made a facebook event for this fence business. But for those who have not been sucked in by bookface then here's the details for getting involved in my army of fence weavers:

Fence-ational Crafitivism

Next Sunday (August 9th) I am going to be at the fence on the corner of Vivian and Bute St in Wellington, featured in this blog post, and I would like anyone (EVERYONE!) to join me in weaving hearts of all sorts of colours into the fence, all the way along the Vivian St side of the fence.

Why? I dunno. It's pretty.

But also because in a happy clappy way, I want people to smile.

And the fence is ugly.

And it seems to be going nowhere.

So this is an attempt to make something awesome out of something that is a big fat waste of land at the moment.

When? Next Sunday (August 9th) from 1pm

Who? Me (stiX)... and apparently 10 others if we are to take facebook RSVPs seriously. I don't... I reply to stuff all the time that I know I'm never going to actually attend! But, if you team 1/2 of the facebook replies with all the people I recruited on the bus this morning (Seriously. It was awesome.) then I think 10 is maybe actually slightly truthful... hopefully heaps more though!

Oh yeah, you totally don't need to know how to knit. And I'll supply the yarn. All you need is fingers. And I'm not discriminating against those that are fingerless... it just might make it a tad difficult ya know?

Email me if you want more details:

P.S. If it's raining then I'm totally piking. By the way. But cold/wind - still totally there. I am a Wellingtonian after all.

Shite. Put the wrong date at the top. It's next SUNDAY! Definitely Sunday!


tash* said...

oh my god i love you. wish i was there - my heart certainly is already!

might get up at a ridiculous time of the morning to call you so i can pretend i'm there...


sue said...

tash you can be there
I'll upload live images to the craft2.0 flickr account using my cellphone :D

how exciting