Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The fence mission on Sunday

Contribution thus far from stiX and Drop Stitch

Weather is looking like it may hold up... I'll do my best to keep you all posted on that front.

In other news, walked down Vivian St the other day and see they are doing a whole lotta road worky stuff right outside the fence site. I hope like heck that means they are finally getting their butts into gear to do something about it?!?! (Errr... or maybe not... it might impede the fence weaving process.) I'll go check it out tomorrow and post some news.

And watch the Dominion Post this Saturday as there may or may not be a little feature on us. The website will have a more in depth piece which I will share on here as soon as it appears online.

Andddd the exhbition knitting is well underway. I'm just trying to get hold of some promo material from Roar Gallery.

See ya Sunday! (Hopefully!)

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Kimberley said...

Unless I am waaay out of the loop, feature will be in tomorrow's Indulgence section - the centre spread no less.
See you Sunday
Knitterley Knitwell