Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Press release from the Roar! types:

Nanageddon showcases artists who are hailing the revival of stitching and knitting, subverting the idea of "Nana-craft" and reclaiming the art of craft in truly revealing ways.

In this exhibition, what might sound like the work of a harmless old lady, turns out to be the act of some edgy, post-modern and radical thinkers such as … Outdoor Knit, Di McMillan, Caroline McQuarrie, Athina Moisa, Ann Moore, Rowan Panther, Matthew Squire, Margaret Tolland, Shar Young, and KIRAN-X.

Nanageddon is a re-take on traditional craft methods as we know them …with artists who are using craft as an art medium. Recent talk of doom and gloom, global warming and recessions has prompted these artists to embrace the act of knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, lace-making and so on to positively reuse, reclaim, recycle and re-invent. They’re releasing craft from its personal adornment and domestic decorative responsibilities enticing it into the realms of conceptually driven art. Through their work, the Nanageddon artists are all offering a re-look at our social and political values, and the way we respond.

Nanageddon draws attention to a major shift in political emphasis - altering traditional methods of craft as a means of expressing society’s interest in challenging some of the power structures at play.

It highlights the bigger issues by representing the backlash to our current environmental mess brought about by mass and grotesque over consumption … while at the same time presenting what we, the little people can do to about it. Gatherings of subversive knitters are educating Wellington (and now the world!) on the art of craft, and aim to see an increase in knitting as a way of reviving the anti-consumerism of the past: it's environmental, it's thrifty, and it's damn right useful!

Channelling the Dadaists, hunting down materials, rethinking social mores and ardently shredding the traditional fabric of society … Nanageddon is the end of craft as we know it and its not-for-the-fainthearted!

Join us on Thursday 20th August from 5 -7 pm,

for the Opening Celebrations of

Nanageddon: the end of Craft as we know it!

(And artwork that makes up its own rules.)

ROAR! gallery is a vibrant gallery which aims to support and promote Outsider Art. Its focus is not to define this term but to be open to those who feel connected to an art making approach which is unique, honest, compelling and about a persons total connection with their creativity, uninfluenced by external restrictions and conventions. We're proud to bring you this thrilling combination of talent and awareness.

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