Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nanageddony rambling on Sunday

Lucy from RadioNZ interviewed me for Arts on Sunday (Aug 23rd) as one of the craftists (ha!) exhibiting in the Nanageddon show.

I haven't listened to it (as I have no internet access at home at present)... so if I sound rubbish, please let me know and I'll deny any knowledge of anything. Much appreciated.

Here are a few pics from Nanageddon. I didn't get any from the opening unfortunately as I was flitting from person to person and trying to stop my child from jumping all over the gorgeous crochet work that was displayed on the floor. No mean feat I tell ya!

Ceci n'est pas un Banksy... ou une pipe
Flew all the way from London, sent by the wonderful Kitsch

Nanarchy by stiX

Awesome duck made from plastic bags by Shar Young

The exhibition has some neat stuff in it. Head along to Roar Gallery if you are in the Wellington area... and say hey to Gaelen and Becky. They rock!


Celeritas said...

The interview was awesome! My Mum who's an art tutor at a polytech liked it too.

Anonymous said...

At last!
Art sa knit and in a gallerytoo!

most excellent. Congratualtions.

Sonja said...

Went up and checked it out today - sorry I missed the opening. And someone has bought Banksy!!!! Funnily enough I almost rescued the first attempt to finish after we chatted at the Dowse.

Fiona said...

Nicola Farmer emailed me your link - this is awesome i love it! i always enjoy situationist things like this- and the hearts are so cute! i live in auckland...do you ever do anyhting up there?

Nikki said...

As a matter of fact, I'm moving to Auckland. One half of OutdoorKnit will be attempting to make her mark on the big city itself. I'll keep ya posted.

Fiona said...

oh cool! bring your knittingness to aucks! i saw that floral wreath thing that is on the chain fence in auckland a few weeks ago then saw it on your blog! and! my flatmate came home from new york yesterday and pulled out a giant knitted sock that he kinda stole from outside new york fashion wk - they were all over the posts on the road as part of fash wk - i know its probably bad to tell you he stole it but there were heaps there and its so weird cos id only just heard about this knit thing on your blog and now its in my house! random. ok