Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a tree! The Felt Tui

Here's a simple easy to make tui for a tree, many thanks to Sue of Craft2.0 and Supervery...

You don't need to be very experienced to make your own tui, Just the ability to cut felt and sew a simple running stitch.
Plus because the tui is black and lives high up in a tree your sewing doesn't need to be very good because nobody can see your mistakes.
As you can see from the photos my sewing skills are not the best, but at the end of the day it's going to look great on a tree.

Step one: Gather everything you need
- black felt
- white felt
- scissors
- thread
- need
- pins
- stuffing
- pattern (this is a pdf so you can print it off and get stitching!)

1. Cut 2 tui shapes in black and 2 circles in white

2. Sew together the 2 circles
3. Sew together the tui leaving a gap

4. Stuff your tui
5. Sew up the rest of your tui
6. Sew on your white circle around the tui's neck

Now while i've used felt and hand-sewing, there are so many other ways to make a Tui, also i bet other patterns, so have a go make this Tui, or try a Tui with your own twist.

Or maybe a tui isn't your style? don't worry we've got patterns coming for fantails an pukeko's d
or even better why not surprise us with your idea for at native bird or animal that could live in our tree..

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