Thursday, July 8, 2010

You are doing ok

Thanks to Enjoy Gallery, Nikki came down from Auckland a couple weeks ago for the Secret Project.

And here it is...(thanks also to Cherie for giving us a hand on a rather grotty Sunday)
We were a bit sad at removing the old 'It will all be OK'...

And wondered how our new fabric would work...
You are doing ok.

It doesn't stand out as much as the red, but it has a nice gold sheen which is caught when you're a bit further up the road, and hopefully by lights in the dark. A nice progression from future tense to present.

xx Knitsch and stiX (and Cherie)


Cherie said...

Hi! There are a couple more pictures on this post:

One of which shows the finished product.

I think my fingers have finally thawed out from that day!

Anonymous said...

I want to see more!!

what did you use, strips of fabric?

Megan said...

I drove past yesterday, and it made me smile. :)

communknittea said...

This totally makes me smile! Its a shame that we get bombarded with advertisements that tell us "blah blah blah your life would be better with this or that" and so so lovely that we have beautiful artist like you folks telling us wer are doing okay :) beautiful!