Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wellywood - or wouldn't

Well, latest word on the street is that Wellington Airport is pulling back on the idea of the 'Wellywood' sign, and are putting together a panel to decide the best way forward.

There is a plot afoot in OutdoorKnit towers to put together our own idea of what should go on the hill - and all will be revealed at Handmade on Sunday.

Want to take part? You can join us for free if you are taking a Handmade class over the weekend, or a teeny wee $5 will get you into the knit lounge if that is your thing. But you should check out the classes - there is a crazy huge range to choose from and i'm sure it will be a blast.

If you'd like to be prepared, we are after second hand knit or crochet blankets to form the base of our installation - so hunt through your wardrobes, garages, laundry cupboards and op shops and join us for some fun!

Oh and if you like knitty secrets, Knitsch has just opened up her secret yarn club!

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