Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keeping on keeping on

Woah... Knitsch has been hard at work while I have been slacking off as far as knit graffiti goes. So I whipped this one up to practice stitches, work out placement of yarn overs in lace and generally brighten up the Wellington streets.

And weeeeeeee did it brighten! Hideously so... some might say.

This tree cosy outside Offbeat Originals generated a bit of attention seeing as everyone was sitting around sipping their lattes (actually... that may have been me) and enjoying the sunshine. I chose this place because of its proximity to the notorious graffiti alley of Left Bank. Sort of showing that we can afford to be a bit more open and transportable and obvious than the more traditional street artists I guess.


knitsch said...

i love it!

gotta get me some lace action too.

got very grumpy at the photos of our deputy mayor in the Wellingtonian yesterday - harping on about how left bank alleyway is a big eyesore and how he's going to crack down on graffiti and legal spaces don't help anything and ra ra ra. He should go back to his desk and work on something he actually knows about.

topic for another post, methinks.

Rant over. :)

Anonymous said...


I have done the knit ups in braod daylight and non one says boo. KInda cool indicator that onlookers may not consider it "grafitti" in the dirty sense of the word. A chick is doing it... not sure,all I know is it's good.