Friday, January 16, 2009

oh goodness. opened a big old can of worms on myself, didn't i?

I found some more:

Having had a good nosey round these sites, and squirreling through others, i've read some pretty interesting things. There was one response that was 'oh, yawn, that's so like 2005. I'm so over it'. 

party pooper. 

I have many reasons why i do it - the main reasons are:

1. to show people that knitting isn't just for nanas, and the traditional perception of it being boring is well out dated. I knit because it challenges me, makes me think, and allows me to make beautiful fabric. Knitting tags is almost all i do now because i can try out new ideas, play, and make mistakes.

2. to show the 'boys' with the spraycans (and all 'traditional' graffiti detractors) that graffiti also isn't what it used to be, and that girls should have just as much kudos for what they do in the field. Graffiti is art (i won't go into detail about where i think the lines are) and so is craft - something that has a rep for not being 'art' either. 

We're challenging stereotypes. OutdoorKnit didn't come up with the concept, but we like to do our part. Plus, i'm all about the positive - we need to encourage each other to try something different, to be ourselves, and explore our environment. Whatever that may be.

Knitsch xx


notmassproduced said...

hey - thanks for visiting my blog. Loving ur stuff here. brilliant

Leanne said...

Well put Outdoor Knit! You've addressed a lot of the issues that we've been chatting about lately. Do you mind if I publish part of this quote (with your credited of course!) and the "is it art" image on our blog - yarnbombing? I think it is a really intelligent list!

stiX said...

This is the stix half of OutdoorKnit but I'm sure Knitsch wouldn't mind if you used her post and linked it back.

Thanks for stopping by :D