Thursday, May 7, 2009

Errrr... so these are actually my contribution to the Unite for Mother's campaign. But then they got ~3,000 squares so I decide to raise awareness of HIV by tagging a tree and a pole and then directing you to an awesome blog on all things sex and HIV etc.

People's Coffee - Garrett St, Te Aro, Wellington
Defreakinglicious coffee.

Glover Park tree

Downpipe on Riddiford - Newtown, Wellington
The guy from the chinese restaurant and the guy from the indian restaurant both watched me tag the down pipe. They looked more curious than anything so I am hoping like heck they didn't mind.

View down Riddiford toward hospital


tash* said...

ooooooh like it! we need to get more crochet going. :)

Lornimouse said...

I need to learn to crochet . . .