Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just when you think things are looking up (re: It will all be OK)...

Council worker removing Cuba St knitting installation

The knitting kid's equivalent of buffing, I guess.

Thanks PNTR for snapping this.


Celeritas said...

What a pain! Your grafitti cheered up the rather sad looking trees.

sue said...

you know it is knit in public day soon.
I'm sure between Craft2.0 and outdoor knit we can rustle up some more tree covering

Knitty Graffity said...

Knit in public day? Is that an event in Wellington only?
Knitty Graffity (in Auckland)

Orange Girl said...

Oh! Now I know where my knitting went. I am surprised at how long it stayed there - through lots of rain and dreadful weather - my piece was looking rather saggy and dirty! The trees look so bare now.