Friday, May 8, 2009

Woolly taggers

YUSSSS! A fellow NZ group.

A woollen "tag" left on a Tauranga park bench by someone calling themselves The Woolly Taggers to make a comment of the case of south Auckland youth, Pihema Cameron, who was killed by a property owner last year for tagging a fence. Several of the knitted sleeves have appeared on the armrests of park benches recently. 27 April 2009 New Zealand Herald Photograph by Alan Gibson.
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What I find exceptionally cool about this particular group is their social commentary. It's something I am extremely interested in but haven't found a way to do it that is easily communicable through knitting and without resorting to using words or images. Perhaps it is unavoidable.

They also got RadioNZ talking - second to last segment on that show.

Good stuff Woolly Taggers! I look forward to more of your stuff appearing around the place.

And if anyone else know of any active groups in NZ, could you please forward me some details? Thanks!

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Mama Bird said...

Nice to see some craftivism in action .