Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's good. Real good.

The fence pic is part of an article on urban embellishments in the latest Good magazine called 'Pimp your street'.

Seeeee! The fence!
And then a bit of a write up on graffiti knitting including Knitty Graffity and the amazing Slip project from Christchurch.

I love Good magazine for the community building ideas it promotes. So go on, pimp your street! And say hey to your neighbours while you are at it! Speaking of neighbours, I owe mine a lemon meringue pie for some garden tools I borrowed. ;)

Thanks Good!


Celeritas said...

I saw that, so cool to see it in a magazine. Wonderful that there is a place to show the real world rather than just perfectly organised interior design.


samsstuff said...

I love the fence & it's good to see the audience expanded with a magazine article.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Congratulations, this is great. Really like the fence.

Knitty Graffity said...

Yes, it is Good, isn't it! ;-)

grrl + dog said...

love that phrase,
pimp your street.

And how the councils are fianlly catching on to the community building it does.