Friday, October 9, 2009


and we're big fans of the awesome, fun, lovely Wellingtonista crew. Did we mention they is awesome?

Each year they run the TAWAs - or The Annual Wellingtonista Awards. We reckon you should suggest some nominees...and as a bit of shameless self-promotion, would love to be nominated for best art experience. Cos love is always nice!

Check them out here 

Of course there are some super duper exciting plans up our knitted sleeves. And plenty of other exciting yarn bomby things going on round the world. 

Check out the giant knit poem in the UK for starters. 

I also met the lovely lovely Amy from The Loop Knittery in Christchurch. We had a great chat over a cup of tea, and felt up her yummy worsted yarn. Mmmmmm... She's been doing great stuff for Chch knitting in public and hopefully she'll be on board for future projecty fun.

You must be sick of words by now so here is a sneak peek of one of the reasons I came home from London...and must I say it is great to be back!
clockwise from back left - the loop knittery, hazelknits, needlefood, cherry tree hill and artisan yarns...a bit of research...


Celeritas said...

So agree! A funny question, what's the pattern you are knitting the sock from?

Sonja said...

It's actually my sock knitting - she was taking arty photos of the pile we had created on the bench :) And it's Spring Forward