Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crochet Flower And Leaf Patterns

For those who have been patiently waiting for patterns to crochet flowers and leaves for the It's a Tree project, apologies for keeping you waiting!

The best place I suggest you pop over to is the Slip project, where they have some great suggested patterns.

Even more exciting, is I have the Slip project! It will be installed at the New Dowse reception desk on Wednesday, 12 May, around the same time as It's a Tree! goes live.

I've been knitting my heart out all weekend making leaves and other bits and pieces for the tree. My 11 year old brother is going to make a needle felted creature, and there are photos popping up all over Ravelry of clever creations for the installation.

I can't wait!


Ms T said...

Kia ora

Just wondering if it would be Ok to send the flowers and leaves in batches. I have some ready to go today, and I should have some more ready next week (when it's slightly less hectic). Sorry - I came to this a bit late!

knitsch said...

Of course, that is more than ok! Can't wait to see them! xx

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