Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hearts, hearts everywhere

My apologies for interrupting the 'It's a Tree' posts but I've suddenly been inspired to get some pics up that I've been meaning to post for aaaaaaaages. Thanks so much to Sarah and Megan for sending these through. You guys rock. So much.Megan, Jo and stealthy company heartified a fence in Kilbirnie, Wellington. Fitting as I used to live nearby and miss that place.
And then Sarah, wow. Their heart weaving for her birthday looked like so much fun! More here


baby crib said...

This is a very heartwarming act! people would smile if they see this.

Robyn said...

These are awesome :)

Robyn said...

As I've said before - these are awesome!

They have inspired me to go add some hearts along the seaside here, which I am about to do right now :)