Thursday, May 20, 2010

LEDs at the Late Lounge!

In collaboration with Amber over at Smart Crafting, we're doing something special to the tree!

On Thursday 3 June is the New Dowse's regular Late Lounge, with music, gallery tours and a good glass of vino. This round they have they amazing Good Laika playing...

And us! I'll be there with Amber and some other crafty friends turning one of the trees into a glowing wonderland using the amazing (and amazingly easy) technology of soft electronics.

The install will start about 7pm, so it will be good and dark, and then we shall knit and hang out in the Lounge area, giving tips and sharing knitty tricks.

Come along to learn a thing or two about LEDs, knitting, and hear some great kiwi music. It'll be fun, yo.


Robyn said...

This sounds like so much fun, but cruelly I shall be away on holiday that week! But if there are any other chances to have fun with LEDs, let us know!

Tash said...

i'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities - and will take loads of photos on the night for you Robyn :D