Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a tree! T- minus 18 hours or something like that

The plan was to have some pretty photos of the most recent contributions to it's a tree, but my camera battery died. Boo.

So here's just one:

Many thanks to Laura who always goes above, beyond and blows away with her enthusiasm, and to Odette, for her flowers. And yep, that's tree bark! Well, of the knitted kind.

I went to the Dowse this morning to find more people had dropped off leaves (let me know who you are so you can go in the prize draw!) and oversee the preparation of the poles for tomorrow. It's going to be fantabulous.

Right, better get back to the knitting. xx


Alice said...

Do you accept contributions from the crochet sisterhood?

knitsch said...

Absolutely! Crochet flowers are my fave. One of these days i'll get on to teaching myself how to crochet properly :D
xx Knitsch